Write-On! Contest Rules & Disclaimer

Each month, Dorian will select a genre and allow open submissions from anyone wanting to participate.  Entries will be judged solely by Dorian until additional judges can be added.  All judging decisions are final.  All entrants must subscribe to Dorian’s blog to be eligible to enter a submission.  Three winners will be selected from each group of entries.  Contest prizes and rules are subject to change without notice.  Current contest prizes are:

3rd Place –  A formal review of the submission which can be distributed in any way the author of the piece sees fit.   Both the review, and an excerpt of the work  (to be selected by the contributor unless Dorian cannot establish contact after winners are determined) will be posted in the “Vault of  the Unknown Author” page on this blog.

2nd Place –  Receives everything the 3rd place winner receives, PLUS, a link to the review as it is posted within this blog will appear on Dorian’s Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn profiles as status messages to promote the review to any and all who may happen to peruse it.

1st Place – The Grand Prize Winner receives everything the 2nd Place winner receives, PLUS, a more detailed review/critique of their piece provided to them AND posted in each of the locations mentioned before.  Each grand Prize Winner will also receive a personal interview by Dorian which will appear with the winning piece and Dorian’s review or the winning piece.  All of the aforementioned will also appear in Dorian’s Featured article postings on the global blog/article sites technorati.com and blogcritics.com.

There is no cash or other award of monetary value either offered or implied, nor does any submission necessarily or directly increase the submitters’ chances of earning money for their work.

All submissions remain the exclusive property of the author.  No transfer of rights is intended or implied beyond the submitter granting Dorian Lassiter permission to post his review along with an excerpt of the submitted work to be determined by the author.  Dorian will select the excerpt to be displayed only if contact with the author of the piece cannot be reached once they have been determined a winner.

All submissions will be entered via email to: dorianscontest@gmail.com and MUST EXPLICITLY meet all submission criteria as set forth in the contest rules for each month’s contest.  Submission criteria will change from month to month as far as format, genre, length, style, or any number of other criteria.

Entries to this contest will be graded on creativity, originality, voice, technique, grammar, diction, syntax, spelling, punctuation, ebb and flow of storyline, plot development, plot execution, overall strength of story, creativity of ending, and power of beginning, or any combination thereof. 

Winning this contest, receiving a review of your work, and being personally interviewed for an article which appears on a globally read blog/article site not only lends tremendous credibility to your work, but publication on sites such as technorati and blogcritics also count as  legitimate publishing clips, suitable for inclusion as evidence of previous publication when seeking representation by traditional publishing sources.

 Good luck to all participants and let’s have some fun!

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