Raising The Debt Ceiling – The Real Facts

Looks peaceful enough, doesn't it?

“The Debt Ceiling: from ‘We The People’, to ‘We The Suckers’.”

A comprehensive, mildly humorous look at the latest financial crisis to envelop our country.


Like most Americans (hereinafter referred to as ‘We The Suckers’) who actually give a damn, I’ve spent my last few days trying like hell to understand all this crap about whether or not we should support raising the national debt ceiling another $2.4 trillion from $14,000,308,000,000.00 (that’s 14,300 billions, or 143,000 millions for those of us who never cared for math), to 16.7 trillion.

These figures come directly from a 30 page .PDF report issued by the Congressional Research Service on May 16, 2011. While hardly an edge of your seat-type read, it does promise to cause some of us Suckers to lose sleep, so I’ve included a link to view it at your own discretion.

Now that I don’t have to numb your minds with crazy numbers that look like they were plagiarized from a  Steven Hawking essay, we can move on to more important things (but for you stats geeks that want to analyze the grim details, click the link; you just hit the mother load).

In my not so humble, ‘Sucker’ opinion, these are the top 10 relevant facts we Suckers should know about our government’s current disgraceful stalemate; just without the political BS:

1. Since 2001, the debt ceiling has been raised (by both political parties) 10 times; (74 times in all, since its creation in 1917).

2. The bickering now is NOT all about raising the ceiling another 2.4 trillion, from 14.3 trillion, to 16.7 trillion (remember all those zeros?). Both sides agree it needs to be raised, that is NOT the issue.

3. The Elephants want to implement mandatory immediate cutbacks and future spending restrictions on the government along with the increase,

4. The Jackasses (at least some of them) want none of that and an unconditional increase.

5. The unconditional increase bill was voted on by congress on May 31, 2011 – It was voted down zealously by a vote of 318-97.

6. There are NOT 318 Elephants in congress, therefore, this in NOT strictly Elephants vs. Jackasses.

7. The Elephants won’t approve the raise even though The White House doesn’t carry a US Treasury checkbook, and congress has to approve the spending of every penny anyway.

8. The Jackasses are shamelessly telling us Suckers that if this increase isn’t passed and our government goes into ‘default’ (a word undoubtedly chosen to evoke thoughts of repossessed cars, foreclosed homes and nagging credit card companies), that the cuts they make to keep the government functioning will have to be to Social Security, pensions, and other programs which directly support We The Suckers.

9. The Jackasses refuse to approve an increase that has any cutbacks or spending limitations affixed to it.

10. As usual, ‘We The Suckers’  suffer, regardless of who wins the ultimate debate.

Who should ‘We The Poor Suckers’ trust?

True, The Prez was elected to run the country, but we also elected each of those 318 men and women that said: “not no, but HELL no”  so how do we justify the opinion of one guy over the opinions of the 318 people who got there the same way and who’s very job description is to keep him in check?

Well, here’s the way I see it: Their BOTH wrong.

When you look through the federal budget for fiscal year 2011, (link provided and not exactly a page turner either, I might add) ,  the 136 page document is riddled with bequests of billions, if not trillions of dollars of money for foreign contributions and non-emergency aid.

Look folks, charity is a wonderful thing, but can anyone rationally justify donating money to help foreign exchange students when our economy is plummeting by the day, and our government keeps crying that they need to borrow more money (from those same countries) to pay our monthly bills?

Would you donate your hard earned money  so foreign exchange students could have cheaper housing while your house is foreclosure, your car could get repossessed any moment, and the credit card companies are calling you for money 16 times a day?

Of course you wouldn’t. Nobody would.  Just because we’re Suckers, doesn’t mean we’re Idiots too.

I’m sorry, but my response is:  quit making us Suckers suffer while you spend our money on frivolous crap as you see fit.

The proof is in the budget.  No, cutting those extravagances won’t prevent us from ever having to raise the debt ceiling again (our government will find something else stupid to spend our money on) but it will eliminate the urgency and fear of those who count on government programs and who paid into those programs with their lifeblood for many many years, from having to living in panic.

Isn’t that more important than cheap housing for Chinese school kids on va-ca from Beijing?

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