Alright everyone, here we go; the inaugural edition of Write-On! the literary contest that strives to get you the exposure we all need, as well as some very valuable advice along the way.

For July, being that it is our very first contest, and to generate as much interest as possible, I am using a very broad genre but accepting all fiction up to 10,000 words.

All types and genres are acceptable for submission, even erotica or horror, however, if any of those genre pieces win, the excerpts used for publication with the reviews will have to be rated ‘PG’ at worst.

To submit:

1. Subscribe to this blog, ensuring I have your email contact information.

2. Email your submission to: between now and 11:59:59 EST on July 20, 2011. (late submissions will be disqualified).

3. Enjoy chatting with the other entrants and contest participants in our Facebook and LinkedIn group forums as you all await the results!

The forums will be closed to all not registered members of my blog, therefore, the only people in the group will either be active contest participants, or at least eligible contest participants.