Articles in the Works

“Indie or Legacy Publishing?   The Naked Truth You Might Not Want to Hear.”  The mother of all investigative reports,  this is a super long article based on over 100 pages of research examining every aspect of both types of publishing.  If you’re an author, or want to be an author, you’ll want the real facts — and I’ve got em; complete with links to all the stats so you can verify the research yourself.

“What is Adult Day Care and is it Right for Our Family?”  –  A comprehensive look into the workings of a typical adult day care facility, detailing the benefits and potential drawbacks of registering in one.

“Is the World Ready for Blatantly Homosexual Protagonists?”

A detailed look into readers’ willingness to accept, and ability to embrace openly gay leading characters in mainstream fiction.

“Understanding Cryonics – Part 3 – Storage and the Waiting game”

How and where do cryonics patients get stored?  When will there be any hope of re-animation?  These questions and more are answered in the third segment of my six part series on Understanding Cryonics.


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