Novels in the Works

Internal Conflict

   The unprecedented new standard of apocalyptic thriller, “Internal Conflict” sets a much higher bar for this genre by presenting tremendously developed, realistic and psychologically rich characters every one of us can relate to.  Facing an unimaginable scenario of repopulating Earth after an utterly catastrophic terrorist event, Mary Jean Dwyer, Tristan Picard, and Joseph (a conscientious hologram), do their best to confront the unique challenges the planet throws at them; all the while negotiating a gamut of  extreme moral, social, religious, and interpersonal issues which are so prevalent in today’s society, and continue to plague humanity long after civilization as we know it has died.


   The most calculating and diabolical female serial killer you’re ever going to love!   GRETCHEN leads her audience on a heart wrenching and  gut twisting roller coaster of compassion and revulsion.  This stunningly gorgeous and equally brilliant; genetically engineered girl,  is created through the horrific perversions of one of America’s most gifted scientists; only to be turned loose on the world with the desire and the ability to surpass the most infamous serial scourge of the Earth in shocking deceptiveness and body count.   But when GRETCHEN suddenly develops a will of her own, she begins to crave the tenderness and compassion she sees other girls are enjoying.  This upturns her wicked sire’s gory plans and sets in motion an unpredictably wild turn of events that will leave any human with a heart feeling sympathy for this poor little girl, who never asked to be born, and only wishes she could be like other girls her age.

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