Omnizine is the newly created E-zine published, editorialized and administrated by Dorian Lassiter.

Still in its infancy and bereft of any significant content, Dorian’s vision for Omnizine is to pretty much be what the name implies, a magazine that’s a little bit about everything.

Edited in Dorian’s signature anecdotal and oft sarcastic writing style, the e-mag will deliver interesting and unusual news, sports, and political opinion pieces, but will also serve as a platform for new or struggling authors of all manner of prose to showcase their skills and unique talents to the world.  All genres of work will be considered, but only the best of the submissions will make it to publication in the mag.  Any authors interested in being considered for publication should query Dorian at:  Query’s should be styled in the same manner you would submit them to an agent or front line publisher, however, demonstration of a quirky and quick witted writing style will definitely earn you immediate style points.

You can check out the format of the mag by visiting it’s homesite @ –  though, as stated earlier, it is currently bereft of content.  As passionate as Dorian is about launching  Omnizine into top gear as soon as possible, those deadlines imposed on us by mainstream publishers are still what pays the bills (we hope).