“Please Close The Door”

A poem of closure written by Dorian JL 9/25/2007

When you entered my life, I couldn’t ask for more…

  a future was born, I wouldn’t have dreamt of before.

My soul overflowed with love through my core…

your grace and warmth are what I mostly adored.

It was all I could do with this gift to explore…

  so I prayed everyday for this love to endure.

But they weren’t to last, those feelings of lure…

though I begged and pleaded as my heart broke and tore.

So as you leave now, breaking promises galore…

all I ask as you go….is please;  close the door.

“Ode To The Graphic Artist”

Written by Dorian JL 9/24/2007

Welcome to my digital place,

where I draft and create with treble and bass.

In this space, time doesn’t waste,

while I drag and drop, or sketch and place.

A twist of the wrist and two clicks with haste,

will paint a wall without any waste.

I import pics with vigorous pace,

  or wash and delete without leaving a trace.

It is here that I am the ultimate ace,

I create like God, never showing my face.

But for the meek of you lacking style and grace,

I suggest you merely “cut and paste.”

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