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My latest sports article published @

“Streakless in Seattle”by Dorian Lassiter

as published in Sports Axxess Magazine

Last night was a pretty crazy night on the left coast.
The 10pm EST start time already had us overdosed on Seattle’s Best, and Starbucks finest
but it was a different kind of brew that induced four separate fans to contribute to their respective rap sheets
by darting onto the field of play; one of them, as naked as the day he was born.

Who ever thought that would prove to be the highlight of the evening for sleepy Yankee fans?  Nevertheless, we Yankee faithful persevered until about 2:30am, when our hopes for a win were finally dashed in the bottom
of the twelfth inning by a one out bloop single to center field by journeyman Adam Kennedy, off closing stud (usually) Mariano Rivera, giving the M’s a gut-wrenching 5-4  win over the Bombers.

The loss guarantees the Mariners a series win and gives Seattle fans another reason to hate us besides Alex Rodriguez; we increased the population of the King County Jail by about 200% in a single night!

Best commentary of the night?  The naked drunk guy who reportedly asked Seattle Police if they could swing by KFC on their way to the jail.  I hope when he wakes up, naked on that concrete slab, he still sees the humor in all this.  If he does, he should probably move to New York, become a Yankee fan, and visit times Square to ask the naked cowboy if he wants a sidekick.

Does anybody besides me see a new NY Times bestseller in this? I’m thinking “Streakers in Seattle,” would be a good title.  We could probably even get Charlie Sheen to play the lead.  I hear he’s looking for a job.

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