Word Trivia

Question: there is only one word in the English language which contains 3 sets of ‘consecutive’ double letters within it: what is the word?

Note: Words like Mississippi and Tennessee have 3 sets but they aren’t consecutive.. Have fun!

I Before E, except after C….What a Weirdly Weighted Waste!

We all know this example is crazy since there are almost as many words spelled with the e first. Can you list them? I’ve provided 2 in the title.

Have fun!

Are there any other crazy slogans or inaccurate ‘rules’ you were taught in school that turned out to be completely bogus? Share them here!

Hmmm, What’s the Right Way to Use That Apostrophe?

There are numerous examples to this, but the ‘Jesus’ example always works well…

Question: What would be the proper way to say.. “It would be different if their were multiple Jesus’es.”

‘es? ‘s? s’? no apostrophe at all?

Provide your best examples of this in the comments too. While we’re at it, let’s have a little more fun… What are some of the craziest words to pluralize? and what’s the proper answer?

Plural of Moose? Yep, it’s Moose

Got Plurals?