What Would We Do?

“What Would We Do?”
By Dorian Lassiter 12/25/12

Many of you undoubtedly believe that if it were to happen today, with all of our technology and ‘spiritual’ awareness, we, as a civilized society, would embrace her; comfort her, and nurture her.

Conversely, I’m sure there are just as many, if not more of you, who look at miraculous and extraordinary occurrences with more than passing cynicism. That group would fervently believe in the fundamentally repetitious nature of history and be apt to imagine that she would be forced into anonymous seclusion yet again, despite all of our logical, technological, and ‘civilized’ advancements.

It’s a question that many people ponder at this time every year, and one which, only earlier today, was brought to my attention by a friend I interact with regularly on a social networking site. When I asked what would be a good Christmas themed article to publish this year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

If you haven’t guessed by now, yes, I’m referring to none other than the Virgin Mary, and the Holy unborn Child who would change both history and humanity forever, just by being born.

Take a moment to think about that now, before reading on.

Intriguing isn’t it? I for one, would like to think that, with solid scientific evidence of an immaculate conception in today’s society, Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus would be treated with far more compassion and tenderness than any of them received all those years ago. Yet my ever present dubious inclinations toward my fellow man force me to stop short of believing that would actually be the case.

Time and time again, history is wrought with countless examples of how it repeats itself despite our seemingly infinite advancements in science, technology, our understanding of the human condition, or the factors that influence it. Our own arrogant vanity often prevents us from seeing what is often laid out and gift wrapped before our very eyes in ways so obvious, even the most barely cognizant child can interpret the indications accurately. If you have any doubt of this, just look at how our arrogance kept us from recognizing the warning signs leading up to the February 26, 1993 bombing of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.


In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 devastation, this attack is all but forgotten outside of intelligence circles today. Nevertheless, there could have been no clearer, more insidious warning of what was to come than this attack, on our own soil, and in the heart of America’s signature metropolis. And that wasn’t to be the only warning.

On April 19, 1995, terror struck again, this time in the American heartland, when Tim McVeigh let loose on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, supposedly in retaliation for our government’s actions during the David Koresh fiasco in Waco, Texas, on the same date just two years earlier.




Did anyone get the hint at just how vulnerable America was yet? Nope.

On October 11, 2000 the attack on the USS Cole finally began to open some eyes, but still, our own nearsightedness refused to allow us to see just how perilous our future was looking, and exactly 11 months later, we would finally get that message delivered to us in no uncertain terms.



No, this article isn’t a history lesson on domestic terrorism. It’s a reminder that in today’s society, just as in civilizations past, the fabric of our human rationality often does not allow us to accept the painfully obvious ‘low tech’ truths that lie before us. It is for this reason, that I have to say with all honesty, that if Mary were to conceive today, I would hope with my full Christian heart, she would do it in the midst of some remote, unsophisticated culture, where the blissful ignorance of the natives would allow her and the Child to live in humble, non-prejudicial comfort…while they prepare to save the souls of every living creature on Earth.

Here’s wishing you and your family the safest Merry Christmas, and the Happiest New Year.